Minting finished!
Slime Shadies! 10.000 randomly generated Slime Shadies on Avalanche blockchain with 140+ hand-drawn traits.

Sale ended

Sale price: 0.9 AVAX

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Mintenomics (NFT collectable)
During the minting period, 20% of minting price, goes back to Shady hodlers (15% original minters, 5% lottery vault). This way Shady hodlers are able to earn additional AVAX, which can be claimed at any time.

Additionally, we present you our royalties program, which include 2% community & 2% lottery fee.
Shadynomics ($SHADY token)
Total supply: 10 000 000
Pre-mint amount: 3 250 000
Pre-minted amount is then divided into:
  • Liquidity: 1 500 000 will be added to liquidity (in several stages to maintain healthy growth)
  • 1. Airdrop: 750 000 to the holders of first 5000 NFTs (150 per NFT)
  • 2. Airdrop: 500 000 to the holders of last 5000 NFTs (100 per NFT)
  • 500 000 team locked for 6 months, with linear unlock for 6 months (1/6 unlocks every month) after initial lock.
NFT staking rewards: 6 750 000 (distributed over a period of 1 year)

Token Burn:
  • Stake house artefacts purchase - 100% burn
  • Lottery ticket - 100% burn of the ticket price

Initial price ratio: 1 $SHADY = 0.01 $AVAX (removed due to big sell pressure)
Restore price ratio: 1 $SHADY = 0.0018 $AVAX (added upon Shady Bazaar)








Slime Shady team is new on the field, bringing something for all Shady Hodlers*.

*Shady Hodler is considered anyone with at least 1 Slime Shady in his wallet.

Shady Lottery

Our Slime Shady NFT holders will get LIFETIME ACCESS to our Shady Lottery with a chance to win monthly or weekly lottery draw (for as long as they hold their NFT in wallet). 25% of minting fees are going straight to the Lottery Vault + 50% of secondary sales royalties. To spice things up, we are adding 50% of $SHADY Token value used to buy Shady Lottery Tickets (other 50% are being burned) once we unlock $SHADY Token.
The $AVAX from the minting fees (approx 500), 1620 $AVAX from minting phase and 360 $AVAX from the team will be invested into MagnetDAO. The investment of 2500+ $AVAX (and some more from secondary sales, etc) will be the whole investment into MagnetDAO. Weekly rebases from them will be given out as Lottery Reward to our winners.

Shady Token - $SHADY

First $SHADY Token airdrop will be done once we hit 50% of minted NFTs. Second airdrop will happen at 100% minted NFTs to the holders of last 5000 NFTs. Each minted Slime Shady (NFT) will count towards the amount of $SHADY Tokens hodler gets. More information about tokenomics and supply distribution in the Shadynomics (tokenomics)!

Shady Stake House

Once the countdown finishes Shady Stake House will be unlocked. Staking your Slime Shady NFT will earn you $SHADY Token - there will be limited supply of $SHADY Token dedicated for the staking (this way we ensure healthy development of our token for now and for the future utilities; more information about supply distribution in Shadynomics (tokenomics)). There will be a artefact shop integrated in our Stake House. Artefacts are unique NFTs that increase your overall staking power. Rarity of your Slime Shady will play the main role in the amount of $SHADY that will bring, better the rarity, better the staking power.

Racing Game

Shady racing is one of a kind. Snails competing for great rewards while speeding & slowing down on you screen. Each season consists of several races. Game will be developed through several phases, essentially adding artefacts to speed up and improve your chances of winning. Best racers get rewarded each race and at the end of the season. Entry tickets are paid with $shady token, which is later used for rewarding winners, burning and collecting fee.

And whatever future brings...

Rewards for the shadiest community

Variable rewards: Weekly rebases from MagnetDAO from the 2500+ $AVAX investment rewarded as $MAG



- Building the shadiest community ever!
- Run marketing campaigns with various professional teams
- Whitelist and NFT giveaways (collaborative and dedicated), shady events running on discord/ twitter and random games with community members

Mint Day

- Whitelisted addresses will have early access to the mint with discounted price and limited amount of mints per wallet. This way we ensure that majority of White Shadies will be able to mint. BUT ... there will be more whitelisted address than pre-sale NFTs - “First comes, first served”
- We will activate the time-counter (few days) for our NFT Shady Stake House grand opening - Stake your NFTs to get $SHADY

25% minted

2.500 NFTs minted
- 250 $AVAX invested into MagnetDAO - weekly rebase given in $MAG to 10 lucky winners among the first 25% minters chosen randomly
- Exclusive X Salad NFT (used as artefact to increase staking power) drop to the first 25% minters
- Liquidity added (SHADY/AVAX) on Trader Joe.

50% minted

5.000 NFTs minted
- 360 $AVAX invested into MagnetDAO - profit goes to Community via weekly Lottery
- First $SHADY Token airdrop to the NFT holders - first airdrop will have increased amount of $SHADY Token

75% minted

7.500 NFTs minted
- 540 $AVAX invested into MagnetDAO - profit goes to Community via weekly Lottery
- Drawing session with our Artist - exclusive NFT for each participant

100% minted

10.000 NFTs minted
- 720 $AVAX invested into MagnetDAO - profit goes to Community via weekly Lottery
- 360 $AVAX from the team invested into MagnetDAO - profit goes to Community via weekly Lottery
- Lottery launch - already launched upon Shady Bazaar - Second $SHADY Token airdrop to the holders of last 5000 NFTs

Shady Future

- Gen 2
- ShadyDAO (ohm fork) focused on investing in Avalanche NFT ecosystem (developed from another professional DEV team)


Answers to most shady questions.

How much does one Slime Shady cost?

Sale price: 0.9 $AVAX

Are there any extra fees applied on selling my Slime Shady on NFT marketplace?

Yes, in total 4% divided between: 2% lottery, 2% community

Will there be a whitelist for presale?

Yes, whitelisted wallets will be able to mint few hours earlier than others.

How many NFTs will be available at the presale?


How many addresses will be whitelisted?

400, we are going for the tactic: “First comes, first served”.

What if I miss pre-sale?

You will need to mint at the normal minting phase.

Have a shady question?
Contact us via Discord.
About Slime Shady Team

Small dedicated team of 4. The Artist, The Hustler, The Advisor and The Magician. All of us are here to stay and keep getting better, for us, for you the Slime Shady Hodler.

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